Black Natural Rubber Gasket

Black Natural Rubber Gasket

Product number:KXT 1700

Quick Overview: Rubber gaskets are cut from rubber sheets or mould pressing. Any sizes and shapes can be produced. Whether you need one part, or one million parts, our gasket division can cut just about any size and shape that you can imagine, from just about any material.

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Product Description

Pure Gum Natural Rubber Gasket

Style KXT 1700N Pure Natural Rubber Gasket

Natural rubber gaskets provide superior dynamic sealing. They have a low level of damping and good low temperature properties,

and mate well with metal surfaces. Natural rubber (NR) seals also resist tear and abrasion, and can resist shear and compression

for long periods in the absence of tension


Have good resistance to moderate chemicals, dry organic acids
Excellent water resistant and tear resistant

Good abrasion resistance, high elasticity
High tensile strenth

High elongation

Good recovery., etc


Alcohols, ketones and aldehydes

Moderate chemical industries

Wet or dry organic acids

Weak acid and alkali

Chemical tubing

Shock absorber

Ammonia., etc

Data Sheet


Natural rubber/pure gum


Black, white and others as request


1.3g - 1.6g/cm3

Tensil strength

15 - 30 Mpa

Temperature range

-70 oC -80 oC

Max working temp

120 oC


Abrasion resistance, High elasticity

Hardness Shore A

45 - 85 Shore A


350 - 800%


All manufacturing processes are complied with ISO9001: 2008


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