Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Roll Tape

Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Roll Tape

Product number:KXT 1810

Quick Overview: Expanded PTFE joint tape is a multi-purpose gasket tape manufactured from 100% expanded PTFE fluorocarbon material, supplied as a continuous low density tape with a self-adhesive backing strip. It is soft and spongy, permitting it to conform easily to all surface irregularities and to compress to a thin ribbon under pressure.

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Product Description

Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Roll Tape

Style KXT 1810 Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Roll Tape 

Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Roll Tape is a 100% expanded PTFE gasket material, combined with a self-adhesive strip for easy application.

It can be used as a jointing on all types of flanges and can be used with almost all fluids for its excellent corrosion resistance, high pressure

resistance, convenient in using, soft and stretched structure, Sticked onto sealing face (it has glue on one face) with one piece of belt, two

ends of which are crossed together that would be formed a sealing gasket. So it is an ideal sealing material for enamel, glass, rough and

special shaped sealing surfaces



Seal irregular face joint, out of parallel, damaged flange faces

Requires less force than standard gasket materials

Quick and simple installation-adhesive strip

Unaffected by all common chemicals

Unlimited shelf life

FDA Standard



As a lid seal for various containers and vessels

Ideal for sealing glass lined and plastic flanges

Seal all aggressive chemicals from PH 0 to 14

Seals flanges with rough or irregular surfaces

For housing of pumps, compressors etc

Sealing of tube heat-exchangers

Suitable for FDA sevice 

 Data sheet


-268 °C ~260 °C

Pressure range

100 bar






0.7 g/cm3~0.8 g/cm3