60% Bronze Powder Filled PTFE Tube

60% Bronze Powder Filled PTFE Tube

Product number:KXT BU980-60

Quick Overview: The addition of Bronze to PTFE gives better dimensional stability and lowers creep, cold flow and wear. It increases hardness and compressive strength whilst also increasing thermal and electrical conductivity

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Product Description

60% Bronze Powder Filled Teflon PTFE Tube

Style KXT BU980-60 60% Bronze Powder Filled Teflon PTFE Tube

60% Bronze Powder Filled Teflon PTFE Tube, this bronze powder filler has better wear, creep resistance, and higher thermal conductivity than glass fiber with PTFE. The compound is easily machined, but has poor chemical resistance in the presence of acids and alkali. Bronze powder filled PTFE is useful in applications which undergo high mechanical loads or high-speed rubbing contacts where the bronze filler supplies the strength and conductivity to carry away excess, unwanted heat


The best wear properties of any filled PTFE
Very heavy – high specific gravity
Extremely hard wearing material

Great deformation strengths

Good thermal conductivity

Electrically conductive


Linear bearings

Hydraulic seals
Extrusion rings

Piston Rings

Guide ways

Wear pads




Data sheet

Specific Gravity


Tensile Strength

10-15 mpa



Shore D Hardness


Temperature Range

-200oC - 260 oC


60 % Bronze powder +PTFE