Double Metal Jacketed Gasket

Double Metal Jacketed Gasket

Product number:KXT 900

Quick Overview: > Jacketed is made by hands, and welded. > Soft pliable core within thin metal covering. > Wide choice of jacket and filler materials

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Product Description

Double Jacket Gasket

Style KXT 900 Double Jacket Gasket

Our Metal clad gaskets consist of a metal jacket formed around a soft filler material. Available in either a double jacketed

or single jacketed construction.

Double jacketed gaskets are designed for high temperature/pressure applications or where corrosion problems may exist

with the filler being completely enclosed in a two-piece metal jacket.

Single jacketed gaskets are designed for low/medium temperature pressure applications particularly where only light bolting

can be applied

Style KXT 910 Singal Jacket Gasket

This style is composed of a soft filler core which is partially enclosed by a metal jacket. It is used primarily for small diameter

openings with narrow flanges and is recommended for medium to high pressure and temperature range.

Style KXT 920 Corrugated Jacket Gasket

This style is composed of a soft filler core completely enclosed by a corrugated metal shell and washer. It is recommended for

service under the high pressures and temperatures often encountered in the oil industry.

Style KXT 940 Singal Jacket Gasket Overlap type

Gasket comprises of a filler material which is totally enclosed in a one-piece metal jacket.



• Available for high temperatures

Easy to handle and install

low price and economical

• Suitable for narrow flanges

Good blow-out resistance


Heat exchangers

Autoclaves and other pressure vessels.

Boilers and flues

Valve bonnets

Pumps., etc

Material: Standard jacket materials - soft iron, steel, SS316, SS304, SS321, SS410, brass, copper, monel.

Standard filler materials - Non-asbestos, graphite, PTFE