Expanded Ptfe Gaskets

Expanded Ptfe Gaskets

Product number:KXT 1310

Quick Overview: 100% PTFE resistant to all corrosive media. Soft,twistable and bendable, used continue their service and keep its best performance. Excellent anti-wriggle variation ability and cold current resistance. Even in case of cross change of temperature and pressure, good sealing can be assured

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Product Description

Expanded PTFE Gasket

Style 1310 White

Expanded PTFE Gasket


Gasket easy cut maked

A wide range of applications for all type of flanges

Higher temperature

Multi-directionally expanded PTFE has exceptional mechanical strength

Higher temp than other PTFE sheet

Cost savings

High quality - long life - reduce changing gasket period - cut cost

Easy and simple to install gaskets, a used gasket changed easily

Large sizes

Offers some of the largest sheet sizes in the industry

sizes from 1/2'' - 24'' available, welcom Custom gaskets

Materials Standard

FDA 21 CFR 177.1550

High quality raw material resin


All types of sealing flange


heat exchangers

hand-holes and manholes

compressors., etc