Golden Mica Sheet

Golden Mica Sheet

Product number:KXT B501

Quick Overview: Kaxite Soft mica sheet made by mica material mixed with proper adhesive after pressed and baked. Under normal condition with a soft, heat-resistant.

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Product Description


Golden Mica Plate for heat equipment is a kind of

insulating materials made of muscovite paper mixed

with non-reinforced silicone after pressed and baked,

It is suitable to be used as heat resistance and insulating

parts which need to be reeled for hair dryer , electric

iron, electric heating bar, motor etc, and to be applied

to high heat resist grade of metallurgy industry equipment,

for example, middle frequency furnace, arc furnace, etc.

They are also used as gasket materials of automotive

industry instead of asbestos materials.


1. Excellent insulating property.

2. Excellent resistance to heat.

3. Flexible to be reeled.

4. Eco-friendly.