RX Type Ring Joint Gaskets

RX Type Ring Joint Gaskets

Product number:KXT 820

Quick Overview: > Ring Joint Gaskets are for oilfield and process industry duties. > RX gaskets are designed for pressures up to 15,000 PSI. > RX types of gaskets are more costly then Oval and Octagonal rings. > RX type gaskets perform excellent in API 6B flanged.

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Product Description

Ring Joint Gasket

Ring Joint Gasket is manufactured by CNC equipment according to ASME B16.20 and API 6A standard.

  • R(Oval)Ring joint gasket with oval cross section, suitable for ANSI B 16.5,ASME B16.47, series A flange, can be used in pressures up to 1000 PSI
  • R(Octagonal)Ring joint gasket with octagonal cross section are designed for flanges with standard grooves,interchangeable with oval ring joint gaskets on modern octagonal grooved flanges, but has a higher sealing ability.
  • RX Ring joint gasket is designed for pressures up to 5,000 PSI. They are interchangeable with R-oval or R-octagonal rings used on API 6B flanges.
  • BX Ring joint gasket can only be used with 6BX flanges and 16BX hubs. BX Gaskets are designed for higher-pressure ratings starting at 5,000 lbs. and ending with 20,000 lbs.
Materials Hardness (HB) Temperature(oC)
Soft Iron 90 -60 to 500
Low Carbon Steel 120 -40 to 540
SS304 160 -250 to 540
SS304L 160 -250 to 540
SS316 160 -200 to 815
SS316L 160 -200 to 815
SS321 160 -200 to 870
SS347 160 -200 to 870
SS410 170 -200 to 850
5Cr-0.5Mo 130 -29 to 650
Inconel 600 150 -100 to 1095
Incoloy 825 150 -100 to 1095