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Under what conditions to choose what braided packing?


Asbestos packing is mainly used for weak acid and alkali, liquid ammonia, water, oil media, valves and other working conditions. It has the best effect of static sealing and anti-corrosion sealing. Fiber packing has good thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, and is suitable for various solvents. , Gasoline, water, liquid nitrogen medium pump, valve, reaction kettle seal (another good thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, suitable for dynamic and static seals under high-speed operation conditions).

PTFE packing is made of pure PTFE dispersion resin as raw material, first made into raw material film, and then twisted and woven into packing. This polytetrafluoroethylene has no other additives and can be widely used in food, pharmaceutical, paper and chemical fiber, etc., which require high cleanliness, and valves with strong corrosive media, which are not suitable for use in water pumps.

Aramid packing has excellent high-speed, high-modulus properties (called man-made wire) It is three times stronger and five times lighter than wire. Therefore, compared with other types of packing, it can resist granular crystallization medium and higher temperature. It can be used alone or in combination with other packings. It is suitable for wear-resistant media containing solid particles. It is recommended for superheated steam and solvents. , liquefied gas, syrup and other easy-to-grind fluids. Good asbestos replacement on pump systems.

The high water-based packing is made of high-quality ramie fiber, coated with graphite inside and outside, and fully infiltrated with special lubricating oil square weave. The outstanding advantages are the extremely low coefficient of friction, no shaft wear and corrosion resistance. It can be used in the shipbuilding industry, cold water treatment, sea water and cold oil; low pressure valves, rotating equipment, reciprocating pump hydraulic presses, ship propellers and other equipment. Recommended for common dynamic seals, low pressure valves, rotating equipment, and reciprocating pumps.

Temperature≦140℃PH value: 2-12Line speed: 10m/s Blower 15bar Mixer: 15bar Valve: 20bar Grind. (This packing is divided into black and white according to color), the graphite packing is the continuation of the solid-phase carbonization reaction, and almost all the non-carbon elements mainly nitrogen in the carbon fiber are overflowed, and the graphite fiber with a carbon content of nearly 100 is obtained.

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