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PTFE gasket installation steps and precautions


The installation of the PTFE gasket varies with the type of mechanical seal and the machine, but the essentials of the installation are the same. The steps and precautions for the installation of the PTFE gasket are as follows: Before the PTFE gasket is installed, the shaft (shaft sleeve) ), the gland has no burrs, and the bearing is in good condition; the seals, shafts, sealing chambers, and glands should be cleaned.

In order to reduce the frictional resistance, the part where the mechanical seal is installed on the shaft should be coated with a thin layer of oil. The compatibility of the PTFE O-ring should be smeared with soapy water if oil is not suitable. Install the static ring together with the gland on the shaft first, taking care not to touch the shaft, and then install the moving ring assembly. The set screw of the spring seat or transmission seat should be tightened evenly in several times.

The installation time of the PTFE gasket is determined by the size of the installation, and the installation size of the mechanical seal is guaranteed according to the operation manual or sample of the product. Due to the variety of gaskets and for different parts of different industrial and mining sites, we can recommend corresponding gasket models, such as metal spiral wound gaskets, flange insulation group gaskets, metal ring gaskets, graphite gaskets, PTFE Gaskets, etc., please provide various parameters as much as possible so that you can choose the high-quality and low-cost products you need.

Sealing gasket selection Any type of sealing gasket must have the following eight important characteristics in order to ensure long-term effective sealing in harsh operating environments: air tightness is related to the medium of the sealing system, the gasket No leakage occurs within a certain period of time at the recommended temperature and pressure, and the contact surface of the compressible gasket and the flange should be exactly matched after the connecting bolts are fastened to ensure the sealing effect.
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