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Spiral Wound Gasket Identification

Spiral wound gaskets at times can seem to be very confusing with so many colours and stripes on them. However, it should be noted that using the ASME designation colour chart is pretty straight forward. The paint colour code system refers to the gaskets’ outer edge of the centering ring and the vertical stripes painted on the outer edge of the centering ring. The solid outer edge colour indicates the metal winding used and the vertical stripes indicate the filler used (see applicable charts below). Please note that the inner material should also match the winding material as noted in ASME B16.20-2012, unless specified by the user. For outer rings, the epoxy colour on the face of the rings is only brand specific, though some epoxies are more resistant to chemical attack and general atmospheric degradation. If the material of the centering ring is anything other than carbon steel, it will also be stamped on the ring.

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