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When building a car one wants a product that is bothdependable, compact and strong. Kaxite recognizes theseneeds and have constructed pieces that will perfectly suit these needs.

Links to product groups:


> Gasket & Jointing

Spiral wound gaskets, reinforced graphite gaskets, ring joint gaskets, double jacketed gaskets, corrugated gaskets, serrated gaskets, copper gaskets, PTFE gaskets, non-asbestos gaskets, rubber gaskets, tape gaskets, etc.


> Braided Packings

PTFE Packing, graphite PTFE packing, Aramid Fiber Packing, graphite packing, carbon fiber packing, synthetic fiber packing, vegetable fiber packing, mineral fiber packing, injectable sealants. Etc.


> Compression Sheets

 Non-asbestos sheets, graphite sheets, PTFE sheet, rubber sheet, mica sheet, cork rubber sheets, etc.


> Hydraulic sealing products

Rod/gland seals, piston seals, wipers and bearing strips, o-rings, back-up rings.etc.


> Expansion joints & Bellows

Quick coupling, expansion joints, bellows, etc.

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