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Power Generation Supply


Kaxite sealing products are a leading provider of high performance sealing products to conventional thermal power stations and heavy electrical industries on a worldwide basis.We have a wide range of products for the power generation and supply sector which is unique withinthe sealing ndustry.

Links to product groups:

> Braided packings for pumps and valves

Braided packing for pumps and valves provide for all known operating conditions at power stations. Graphite packing, such as from Expanded graphite packing to Super Graphite packing serve high pressure steam services because of their heat resistance.

> Gaskets and compression sheets

Corrugated gasket and Spiral wound gaskets are widely used for high temperature and high pressure duties by power station on a global basis. The full ranges of gaskets are made from compression joint sheets.

> Expansion Joints and Bellows

Kaxite has a very wide range of expansion joints for gas turbine exhaust system, exhaust gas ducting, rotary heaters, etc. We also have flexible bellows for actuator arm protectors. Non-metallic bellows are used on cooling water systems and pump connections.

> Wipers and bearing strips and O-rings

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