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Oil & Gas


Our products in the offshore oil and gas field offshore widely used to provide qualified and reliable seal products,while providing a variety of channels, devices. We have been committed to providing better sealing products.

Links to product groups:

> Gaskets and Jointing

Kaxite has a wide range of gaskets and jointing which have been used in offshore gas and oil field. spiral wound gaskets, reinforced graphite gaskets, etc.

> Ring Joint Gasket

Ring Joint Gaskets follow API standards, including R, RX, BX ring joints, as well as lens, convex, wedge, double-cone and weld ring metal gaskets.

> Braided Packing

Graphite packing is a world-beating fugitive emission control packing. We have emission control products for all valves.

> Expansion Joints and Bellows

We provide the complete engineered solution for ductwork expansion problem and can handle many chemically aggressive media.

> Industrial hoses

Flexible metal hose, Rubber Corrugated Hoses are are widely used in this industrial.

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