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What are the properties of non-asbestos rubber sheet?


Non-asbestos gaskets are roughly divided into non-asbestos rubber sheet gaskets and non-asbestos copy sheet gaskets according to their material, process performance and use. They are made of aramid and other organic fibers and plant fibers, nitrile rubber and minerals. Non-asbestos rubber sheets and non-asbestos gaskets manufactured by rolling or copying process.

Asbestos-free gaskets not only have high strength, but also have good resilience, and at the same time have super anti-penetration performance, because these advantages of asbestos-free gaskets allow automotive and industrial mechanical seals to replace asbestos gaskets for gaskets . The non-asbestos rubber gasket is a synthetic material (using aramid fiber, high temperature resistant synthetic mineral fiber, oil resistant rubber and other materials).

Sealed products of various shapes made by rolling method or punching and shearing with various tools. According to the working conditions and the type of flange sealing surface, the gasket is selected for sealing. The compression rate, rebound rate and sealing performance are important performance indicators of the sealing gasket. Generally speaking, under the premise of meeting the requirements of the compression rate, the rebound rate The higher the better, and on the premise of meeting the requirements of the rebound rate specification, the test value of the shrinkage rate is also better, and the product with good sealing performance, moderate shrinkage rate and as large a rebound rate as possible should be selected.
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