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Suitability of Metal Oval Gaskets


Metal oval gasket is made by forging, heat treatment and mechanical finishing. It is a kind of metal sealing gasket used in pipeline flanges such as crude oil and natural gas, high-speed joint flange surfaces of pressure vessels, high temperature and high pressure valve covers, etc. Especially in places with fluctuating pressure and temperature, it can still maintain a good sealing performance. The commonly used R-type oval gaskets are divided into oval and octagonal according to the cross section.

The standard R-type ring gasket is manufactured according to the API6A and ASMEB16.20 specifications, and the maximum operating pressure is 10000PSI. In the trapezoidal groove flange, the octagonal gasket and the elliptical gasket can be interchanged. RX type is suitable for pressure reinforced specification R-type ring gasket and R-type same flange groove sealing surface. Type BX is suitable for pressure intensification and is designed for applications up to 15000PSI pressure systems.

There are a variety of metal materials and methods suitable for different media materials. You need to refer to the material property table to find the appropriate material. The hardness of the oval gasket material should be 15~20HB lower than the flange surface, and repeated use is not recommended. Metal oval gaskets The performance of the sheet conforms to the structure of the American standard, European standard and national standard oval pad, and the overall metal ring pad is machined or stamped by a lathe.

Metal oval gasket material The metal oval gasket is generally made of soft iron/SS304/SS316/carbon steel/SS321 and other alloy materials. The performance of the metal oval gasket is used Pressure: 20Mpa, temperature: -200~650℃, suitable medium: acid Alkali, steam, PH value: excellent characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure and corrosion resistance, mainly used in high temperature and high pressure pipelines (steam and petroleum industry, petrochemical industry) at the junction of towers, tanks, heat exchangers, pipelines and other machines Use sealed
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