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How is the metal corrugated composite gasket sealed?


Metal corrugated composite gasket is a kind of metal composite gasket. Generally, a fine lathe or a special milling machine is used to process concentric corrugated grooves on both sides of the metal flat gasket. Good compression and resilience performance, because the contact with other sealing surfaces is the line contact of multiple concentric circles, so it has a labyrinth sealing effect, depending on different media and working conditions.

You can choose flexible graphite, PTFE, non-asbestos plate or some other soft metal, paste it on both sides of the gasket, and apply the sealing performance of the soft masking layer and the strength and elasticity of the metal to achieve a better sealing effect. In most cases, we recommend graphite as the sealing layer. When the medium reacts to the graphite or requires a clean environment, we recommend choosing the newly introduced expanded tetrafluoroethylene with excellent performance as the adhesive layer.

Metal corrugated composite gaskets generally do not require a large pressing force to achieve the sealing effect. Corrugated composite gaskets can also be used directly without the adhesive sealing layer, and can also achieve a good sealing effect. Combined with toothed gaskets Compared with better compression and resilience performance, it has a more significant sealing effect especially in large-sized smoke and gas pipes, low pressure, high temperature, or distorted flanges.
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