25% Glass Fiber Filled Teflon PTFE Tube

25% Glass Fiber Filled Teflon PTFE Tube

Product number:KXT GU980-25

Quick Overview: Glass fibre is used as a PTFE filler as it offers much improved compression and wear properties. The material may also be inert gas sintered to further improve creep properties and reduce porosity and gas permeability (there would be a consequent loss of tensile properties).

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Product Description

25% Glass Filled PTFE Tube

Style KXT GU980-25 25% Glass Filled PTFE Tube

25% Glass Filled PTFE tube reinforced with 25% glass fibres depending on the needs of the application. Glass fibre is used as a PTFE filler as it offers much improved compression and wear properties.  The materialmay also be inert gas sintered to further improve creep properties

and reduce porosity and gas permeability (there would be a consequent loss of tensile properties) 



Glass-filled PTFE rod has enhanced strength and stiffness
Very good electrical insulation properties
Extremely good chemical resistance.

Improved dimensional stability

Enhanced creep resistance

Good sliding properties



Pump and instrument construction

Food and medical technology
Chemical engineering parts

Electrical industry

Pump housings

Shaft bearings

Valve seats

Shaft seals

Gaskets., etc


Data sheet

Specific Gravity


Tensile Strength

14-20 mpa



Shore D Hardness


Temperature Range

-200oC - 260 oC


25% Glass + PTFE