PTFE Envelope Gasket

PTFE Envelope Gasket

Product number:KXT 1320

Quick Overview: PTFE Envelope, flexible materials insert. Wide working temperature range. Excellent weathering and aging characteristics

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Product Description

PTFE Envelope Gasket

PTFE envelope gaskets are available in standard sizes and configurations, as well as custom sizes upon request.

PTFE envelope gaskets are available slit (v-type) or milled (square cut) with a variety of materials available for

fillers. we can manufacture the envelope gaskets required for your unique situation

Style KXT 1320 PTFE Envelope Gasket ( S type ) 


Mechanical processing type PTFE Envelope Gasket


Style KXT 1330 PTFE Envelope Gasket ( V type ) 


Dissection slit cut type PTFE Envelope Gasket

Style KXT 1340 PTFE Envelope Gasket ( U type ) 


Folding type PTFE Envelope Gasket



• General Purpose Glass Lined Equipment

• Pharmaceutical High Purity

• Piping Service

• Glass Lined Vessels

• Food and Chemical Industries 



• Graphite

• Non-asbestos

• Asbestos

• Rubber., etc