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Flange insulation kits consist of those parts?


Flange insulation group is one of the most common, effective and important connection forms in petrochemical plants, natural gas plants, offshore oil projects, etc. Various pipelines, pipe fittings, valves, instruments and equipment, flange insulation groups have unique performance and advantages. Use insulation kit seals on flanges to protect your pipes from the risk of leakage, sealing is achieved by the fit of flanges, insulating washers, bushings, washers, washers, bolts and nuts. Flange junction is connected and sealed to prevent medium leakage at the flange junction, as well as anti-corrosion and conductive insulation Protect. 

Flange Insulation Kit
Large insulating gasket + sealing ring
Large gasket material: (G10, G11, G7, PTFE, phenolic resin, neoprene paste phenolic)
Seal ring material: (PTFE, PTFE-SE, NBR, VITON, Neoprene, EPDM)

Sleeves: (one for each bolt)
Material: (G10, G11, Mylar, Nomex)

Washer: (one for each nut)
Material: (G10, G11, G7, Nomex)

Steel washers: (one for each nut)
Material: (galvanized carbon steel gasket, PTFE coated steel gasket, stainless steel gasket)

The above insulation group materials can be customized according to the flange standard size, pressure level and medium.

KXTHG gaskets are specially designed to provide reliable sealing and insulation performance for flanges in critical service conditions. Raised face, flat face and RTJ flanges for all pressure classes. The material of KXTHG sealing gasket is made of high-strengthepoxy fiber resin bonded on both sides of stainless steel plate. Such gaskets not only have the strength of traditional metal gaskets, but also provide good overall insulation performance. The depth of the sealing groove reaches into the stainless steel plate, which avoids the possibility of medium leakage through the two materials. Specially designed spring-loaded Teflon seals are installed in the seal grooves to provide a safe and reliable seal with excellent dielectric properties, even up to API 15,000 psi, and are used by oil andgas companies worldwide. Contact us for more information on gasket temperature ranges and material compatibility.

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