Exhaust Spiral Wound Gaskets

Exhaust Spiral Wound Gaskets

Product number:KXT600-EX

Quick Overview: Automotive exhaust applications;Spiral wound type of the gaskets;Excellent sealing performance;Insteand of expanded graphite gaskets with long using life.

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Product Description

Exhaust flange gaskets made of V-shaped, spiral-wound layers of stainless steel and either a non-asbestos filler or flexible graphite are available for all Lycoming engines using the two or three hole gasket design. See Figure 1. This gasket is resilient and automatically adjusts for mechanical compression, internal pressure variations, and temperature changes. The flat, carbon-steel ring around the spiral windings centers the gasket and controls gasket compression when the exhaust manifold attaching bolts are tightened. In addition to superior sealing qualities, these gaskets are reusable when the exhaust manifold is loosened or removed. However, they must be replaced at overhaul