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Viton Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheet

Viton Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheet

Kaxite offers complete range of Viton Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheet, according to different requirement offers a variety of material rubber sheets, we produce all kinds of rubber products according to customer's demands. Manufacturer gaskets, etc. Rubber sheets reinforced with cloth or wire.

Model:KXT B400FPM

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Product Description

Viton Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheet

Viton/FKM Fluoroelastomer Rubber Sheet

Viton Rubber Sheet is a Premium rubber elastomer resistant to chemicals and useful for sealing against acids and lyes of any concentration, solvents, aliphatics and aromatic hydrocarbons, Freon 12, oils and fats and gasoline It has excellent resistance to weathering and ozone. Premium Viton rubber sheet has extraordinary resistance to heat with resistance also to low temperature and is self extinguishing, Viton rubber sheet has excellent compression set in compression at high temperatures. It's extremely resistant to alkalis, including oxidants.


Industrial Gaskets Viton rubber sheet has been designed primarily for use as a gasket, flexible strip, pad or lining and is mainly used for Sealing, Insulation, Isolating and protecting steel or other surfaces of equipment It is mainly used for corrosion and high temperature applications such as

chemical storage transfer and processing, but it can be used for a wide range of applications including Flange Gaskets on pipes and tanks, Lining of pipes and tanks and variety of sealing applications



Resistance to petroleum based oil and fuel including petrol, diesel and LPG

Good resistance to acids and alkali's including oxidants

• Excellent resistance to aggressive fuels and chemicals

Good resistant to ozone effects and weathering

• Excellent high temperature heat resistance

Outstanding resistance to compression

Good resistance to acids and alkalis

Durable using rubber material

ISO 9001 certified

Flat and smooth



Insulation, Isolating and protecting steel or other surfaces of equipment

Critical temperature sealing and corrosion protection applications

• Chemical storage transfer and processing

Flange gaskets on pipes and tanks

Industrialsealing gaskets or strip

• Variety of sealing applications

Lining of pipes and tanks

Oil or petrol applications

Expansion joints .,etc


Viton rubber Properties



Test Method


black., etc

Specific gravity




70°-80° Shore A

ASTM D2240

Tensile strength

9 MPa (min)


Elongation at break

150% (min)



1m, 1.2m or 1.5m

Tear strength

25 N/mm

ASTM D 624

Low temperature resistance


ASTM D1329

Temperature range

-30°C to +250°C

ASTM D2000


Kinds of Rubber Properties

Common name







Chemical Compatibility

Lubricating and Fuel Oils



Hydraulic Oils


Fireproof Hydraulic Fluids


Vegetable Oils, Animal Fats

Gasoline (high octane) X X X

Kerosene X X

Aromatic Hydrocarbons X X X X

Aliphatic Hydrocarbons X X


Ketones X X X X
Halogenated Solvents X X X X
Water (>80°C)

Concentrated Acids X X X X

Diluted Acids





Max. Continuous temp °C 105 150 121 204 250 316
Low Temperature °C –50 –54 –25 –85 to –125 –8 to -30 –8
Tensile Strength, MPa 25 17 27 10 20 15
Hardness Shore A 30–95 40–90 40–95 30–90 70–90 65-95

Key: = Excellent , = Good, = Fair, X = Not Recommended


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