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Natural Rubber Sheet

Natural Rubber Sheet

Kaxite offers complete range of Natural Rubber Sheet, according to different requirement offers a variety of material rubber sheets, we produce all kinds of rubber products according to customer's demands. Manufacturer gaskets, etc. Rubber sheets reinforced with cloth or wire.

Model:KXT B400

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Product Description

Natural Rubber Sheet

Natural rubber sheet offers an extensive line of natural rubber sheet material with excellent physical properties making it ideal for use in the marine industry, conveyor belt operations and gaskets applications.  Natural rubber displays outstanding tensile strength, elongation and abrasion resistance. It performs well in low temperatures retaining its flexibility and compression set while displaying excellent adhesion to fabric and metals. 


Also known as gum rubber, natural rubber is a soft, supple, and flexible non-marking rubber manufactured from rubber trees sap. It is this source of materials extracted from trees that makes natural rubber an eco-friendly elastomer. Natural rubber is in high demand in the automotive and military industries. Advantages when using natural rubber is it has a long service life, superior abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, excellent tear resistance, and outstanding elongation properties. The disadvantages of natural rubber is it is not recommended for oil and solvent and has poor ozone resistance



Excellent adhesion to fabric and metals

• Good performance at low temperature

Have excellent physical properties

Excellent abrasion resistance

Good elongation at break

• Excellent tear resistance

Excellent tensil strength

Very eco-freindly rubber

Good compression set

Longer sevice life 



Not suited for environments involving ozone

Not suited for strong acids, animal fats, oil

Not suited for grease, most hydrocarbons

Water, most salts & mild acids industries

Automotive and military industries

Skit board sheets, bearing pad

Good materials for gaskets

Rubber seal strip., etc 


Natural rubber Properties


Natural rubber

Test Method



Specific gravity




40°-80° Shore A

ASTM D2240

Tensile strength

18 MPa (min)


Elongation at break

500 % (min)



1m, 1.2m or 1.5m

Tear strength

15 N/mm

ASTM D 624

Low temperature resistance


ASTM D1329

Temperature range

-40°C to +70°C

ASTM D2000


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